Choosing the Right Bed for Your Baby

If you are a first time mother, you’ll have this intense feeling of buying everything you think that will look good and feel good for your newborn. You’ll get attracted to almost all clothes, toys, bottles, bags, baby gears and beddings. Choosing the right bed is the most important since this is where your newborn will spend most of his time. What exactly are the different kinds to choose from?

Different Types of Beds

1. Crib

They are the most commonly used bed for babies all over the globe. It keeps the baby safe and secure without you worrying of them falling while at sleep.

2. Cradle

The rocking motion helps in putting your little one to sleep while giving him the feeling of being cradled.

3. Play Pen

It is foldable and the mesh sides make it easier for you to check on your newborn while he’s asleep. It can also be used as a playpen once he’s ready to play and roll over.

4. Baby Bean Bags

The micro-beans that adjust through the baby’s movements create a comfortable sensation as if someone is holding them.

5. Rocker

It doubles as an entertainer and its rocking effect also helps the baby sleep.

Points to Consider in Choosing the Best

· Age of your child

· Length of time you intend to use it

· Do you travel often? If you do, choose the portable ones: playpens, baby bean bags or rockers

A Piece of Advice

If you are breastfeeding, then the best bed for you and your newborn is your own bed! Have him lie on your side or on your arm, use a nursing pillow and there you go! You just have to be extra careful and make sure that you don’t suffocate him. There’s this new one called a co-sleeper which is like a bassinet with a lock on the wheels and removable side which serves as an extension of your regular bed.